New York: Deep Words in the Village

dsc01377Truer words were never spoken.

Courtesy of Mark Wilker


Tenderloin: He Sees All


Putting googly eyes on inanimate objects does not a person make. But it sure does make us giggle.


Photo by Colin Day

Market Street: How to Stand Out in a Crowd

naked-manJust like “Where’s Waldo?” minus the sweater… and pants, shirt, shoes, and hat.


SOMA: Quite the Pair

big-green-headThat’s one big head. And the green guy’s a little strange too.


Union Square: Monkey Business

Training wheels might help there, buddy—er, monkey.


North Beach: LOW-RI-DER, Get a Little Lower

Someone’s a little too crafty with his tool belt.


From a Loyal Reader: In Honor of Election Day