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From a Loyal Reader: In Honor of Election Day




Hiatus, Take Two: Post-Summer Vacay

It seems like years since the last WTF was posted. That’s our fault. We decided to escape to LA for a few days to get some rays and enjoy a post-summer vacay. But we’re back now with some serious WTFs!

LA is the WTF?OMFG! capital of the world, you know.


God’s House: Quite the Turn on

Oh, for the love uh…


Knocked Up: Something Looks Different

Maybe the blueprints were just a little off?


The Coast: Move it or Lose it

I’d get outta his way if I were you.



In the Ring: Oomph!

Tough competition, but it looks like kitty has a leg up.

(No pun intended. Well, maybe a little.)


Somewhere We Would Hate to be: Doctor Dog

That’s just terrifying. OMFG!