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Los Angeles: Chewy in the Middle

tootsie-rollNot sure if this is for the candy or a costume. Either way, it’s freaky.



West Hollywood: Some Kinda Yard Sale

yard-sale-la…with some very questionable items up for sale.


West LA: You Know You Want it

Well, alright then.

Don’t mind if we do.


Hollywood Boulevard: How to Deal With Neighbors

If that’s not passive aggressive, we don’t know what is.


Sunset Boulevard: Lifeguard on Board

A miniature t-shirt in your car window, eh? Freaks.

Oh, you say its a lifeguard shirt? Even bigger freaks.


LA Farmers Market: Pumpkin vs. Baby

Either this mom’s really lazy, or she prefers the pumpkin to the kid.


La Brea Ave: Animal Lovers

Bring out yer dead!

And make some carpet out of ’em.